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What Makes Us Unique

Instead of wishing you had more hours in the day, let CitiPanda simplify your life with one easy click. CitiPanda is a revolutionary platform where our resident panda bear cleverly makes a match between your needed task and a qualified tasker. He handles the busywork for busy people like you, through a matchmaking process where you order services à la cart. Doing so only keeps you busy...enjoying life, that is.


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Choose your happy helper.


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Make money doing simple tasks.



Eliminate the middle person; chat directly with your client or tasker.



Pay at your comfort level.


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Need something done quickly? Have a useful skill? We make it easy to make this happen.


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We are your all-inclusive task shop.

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Discover New

Can’t see your talent in the selection of services?

Don’t worry, if you can’t see your talent in the selection of services you can create your own category in the discover new section. Simply go to the discover new section and make your own category.

Maybe you are a street artist or you know how to play violin and want to make some money out of it. CitiPanda is the perfect place for you, with any potential customers you can make your skill a new favorite on CitiPanda. Discover New is also the perfect place for young summer job seekers, maybe you can mow lawns or possibly be a moving help. Everything is possible on CitiPanda.

CitiPanda On Apple Watch


View your scheduled task or chat with your tasker on your Apple Watch right from your wrist. Glancing details of your upcomings has never been this easy before!

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As a CitiPanda client, you can easily request tasks, and get them done quickly. You have the option to select from several qualified taskers in your area. Have an important event coming up soon and no time to take care of everything? No worries. There are many taskers right around the corner, literally. The great part? They are ready to help, and you pay only within your comfort zone for each service.

As a tasker, CitiPanda provides dozens of money-making opportunities at your fingertips. If you've ever helped a friend with moving or mowing the lawn, you can start making money now for doing just that. Our app makes it.

About Us


Our founders, Justin Song, Jeffrey Song and Chao Chen, started CitiPanda in July 2016 to simplify the lives of busy people. They want to make life easier for everyone, and eliminate the need to get bogged down with simple tasks. This vision led to the app, allowing you to select a tasker for everyday services. They developed the idea into a practical platform that streamlines the matching process with the assistance of a helpful panda. While developing the app, the team grew with Justin's schoolmates, Stanley and Akseli. Today, Stanley is the point person for CitiPanda's development in Chinese markets, and Akseli is the lead in the United States.


Stuck? Need help? Our friendly support team is here to assist. Reach out with any issue or tell us what you think.


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