About Us


Our founders, Justin Song and Chao Chen, started CitiPanda in July 2016 to simplify the lives of busy people. They want to make life easier for everyone, and eliminate the need to get bogged down with simple tasks. This vision led to the app, allowing you to select a tasker for everyday services. They developed the idea into a practical platform that streamlines the matching process with the assistance of a helpful panda. While developing the app, the team grew with Justin's schoolmates, Stanley and Akseli. Today, Stanley is the point person for CitiPanda's development in Chinese markets, and Akseli is the lead in the United States.


Stuck? Need help? Our friendly support team is here to assist. Reach out with any issue or tell us what you think.


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Address: 11 TaiHang RD, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Email: Support@citipanda.co